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We create concepts and design master plans that take your visitor site to the next level and make your guests Happier.

Our playing field

A proven track record of making guests Happier.

"Rare are in Europe those who, like Emmanuel Mongon, know how to take on a problem that is not necessarily well expressed by the operating company and turn it into an attraction that seduces the audience. Emmanuel Mongon has led those development projects with energy, rigor and innovation."

Olivier de Bosredon, President & CEO
Parc Astérix (Theme Park, France)
2.3 million visitors - 120 hectares

. Best European Theme Park (under 1m visitors) 2020 (European Star Award)
. Best EMEA Regional Theme Park 2020 (Park World Excellence Award)
. Best Holidaypark Germany 2020 (Parkscout Award)
. Best EMEA Roller Coaster 2020 (Park World Excellence Award)

Awards won after our contributions
Tripsdrill (Theme Park
& Resort, Germany)
780 000 visitors - 77 hectares

"Your efforts and vision were instrumental in repositioning Sentosa into a world-class lifestyle and leisure destination. Both our annual island attendance and group profit hit record highs [...] Sentosa’s success today would not have been possible without your contribution and encouragement."

Darrell Metzger, Chief Executive
Sentosa (Multi-leisure Destination, Singapore)
19 million visitors - 500 hectares

The master plan designed for the expansion of Plum Village, the mindfulness practice centre created by world-reknown Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, was instrumental to get zoning permission for much needed accommodations and infrastructures and an unprecedented amount of financing through donations.

Plum Village (Mindfulness practice centres, France and USA)  
40'000 visitors - 70 hectares

"With Emmanuel Mongon and his team, we benefited from the internal vision of true industry professionals. For the first time in 10 years, we had a stronger position and were able to negotiate with satisfactory results for our banks. We strongly recommend his company Imaginvest to any investor wishing to enter this industry."

Member of Steering Committee of the 40 banks
Disneyland Resort Paris (Theme Parks and Resorts, France)
15 million visitors - 500 hectares
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What we do


Discover hidden value in your site, identify the best development opportunities and provide a clear direction to stakeholders.

Master Plan

Get a holistic view on your project that integrates hundreds of custom success factors and on-the-field details.

Implementation oversight

Ensure that the efficiency of the Concept is not diluted during the implementation process, in order to get the best results for your investment.

Discover our Methodology

Your Master Planner

Learn about Emmanuel Mongon

Enjoy direct access to Emmanuel Mongon, founder of Happier World with 30 years of experience, as your Master Planner to unlock your visitor site's full potential.

The Happier Vision

At Happier World, we are inspired and motivated by a single objective throughout our missions : making guests Happier.

By placing the focus on making guests Happier, we deliver exceptional and sustainable results for our clients - but most importantly, we make them proud of owning a site which holds a special place in the heart of its visitors. 

Our experience throughout the years has led us to develop a unique and out-of-the-box vision of what it means to take a site to the next level. Discover it below :

Our vision

Unlock the potential of your site
and make your visitors Happier.

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