We create concepts and design master plans
that take your visitor site to the next level
and make your guests Happier.

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Helping you unlock your site's full potential

When our clients contact us, they are often faced with a challenge or an extraordinary development opportunity in their economic, planning or competitive environment. However, until then :

• Their involvement in the day-to-day operations of their site prevented them from taking a step back, identifying the underlying potential and defining a clear vision.

• To capitalize on this opportunity, they needed to implement a project that was either not in their core competence, or so complex that they felt lost in the hundreds of moving pieces.

• With a lot of money at stake, they were afraid of squandering their budget and making a subpar investment, resulting in a worse visitor experience and attendance than expected.

The solution is Happier World.

Through a methodical 3-phase process, we help clients create a unique feeling of happiness in their guests, ultimately gaining or retaining a strong leadership position in their market or region.


First, we create a custom-made, inspiring and clever Concept that unlocks your existing asset’s full potential with out-of-the-box thinking.

This unique Concept allows our customers to discover hidden value in their site, to immediately identify the very best development opportunities, and to present a clear direction that all stakeholders can adhere to.

Master Plan

Second, thanks our proprietary iterative methodology, we design a holistic Master Plan that our customers can use as a precise compass to drive decision-making.

The Master Plan integrates and connects hundreds of custom success factors and on-the-field details, that together turn the Concept into a pragmatic, intelligible and executable project.

Implementation oversight

Even with a clear Concept and a cohesive Master Plan, many projects deviate far away from their intended target because of shortsighted decisions and changes during the implementation process.

To ensure that significant investments do not end in suboptimal results, and that the efficiency of the Concept is not diluted, we can directly oversee its implementation until the site opens to the public.

The Imaginvest methodology

At each stage of your project (concept, master plan, implementation, evolution during operations), we take into account and ensure the coherence of the following nine fields : visitors' experience, attractors & services, places & volumes, engineering & administration, budget & schedule, stakeholders, marketing, operations, finance.

Happier World relies on 30 years of experience and proven success applying the Imaginvest methodology to the leisure industry.

Happier World now proudly extends beyond the scope of Imaginvest, while making Happier experiences for guests its #1 priority.

Unlock the potential of your site
and make your visitors Happier.

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