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Emmanuel Mongon
Founder/CEO of Happier World

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Emmanuel graduated in civil engineering from the prestigious Swiss Polytechnic Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) and joined Parc Astérix as Director Design & Development for the first 8 years of operations. He learned theme park master planning from the legendary Duell Corporation. He created Imaginvest, designing and reengineering successful attractions worldwide for 25 years. Each year, 60 million people visit places which Emmanuel contributed to develop or to optimize. Emmanuel is fluent in English, French and German.

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A bespoke task force for your project

For each site, Emmanuel Mongon assembles an ad-hoc task force to contribute to the project's varied fields.

This task force integrates both regional and international talents that fit the project's requirements and Happier World mindset.

International recognition

First Chairman of the Board, EAS (now renamed IAAPA Expo Europe):
The leading European trade show and conference of the attractions' industry.
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Recognizing his international reputation, the Global Association for the Attractions Industry(IAAPA) asked Emmanuel Mongon in 2005 to be the Chairman of the Board of its first European trade show, EAS. Emmanuel Mongon chaired an executive committee representing leading operators and suppliers and EAS became in 3 years the leading industry gathering in Europe.

Founded in 1918, IAAPA is the premier trade association representing leading industry attractions and supplier companies from more than 100 countries. Members include professionals, operators and manufacturers from amusement parks, theme parks, attractions, water parks, resorts, family entertainment centers, zoos, aquariums, science centers, museums, cruise lines, etc...


First European Youth Prize, Initial Edition, European Parliament

"I am a very happy chairman. It is indeed extremely rare that the majority of the jury spontaneously agrees on a project"
Dame Simone Veil, President of the European Parliament, President of the Jury
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The "Rebus" project of Emmanuel Mongon was a travelling sculpture-exhibition on the theme of heritage site restoration in Europe.

The European Youth Prize rewards a project that promotes European and international understanding; foster the development of a shared sense of European identity and integration; and provide role models for young people living in Europe.

Today, the prize has been renamed the Charlemagne Youth Prize, see:

Past board member and creator of the new visual identity, WLO (World Leisure Organization)
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WLO is a worldwide, non-profit, non-governmental association dedicated to discovering and fostering those conditions best permitting leisure to serve as a force for human growth, development and well-being. WLO is a consultive organization with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.


Official Delegation of the State Visit of French President in Thailand and India
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In 2006, Emmanuel Mongon was invited to be part of the Official Delegation accompanying President Jacques Chirac during his State Visit in Thailand and India. A highlight was the meeting of the French business leaders at the residence of the Prime Minister of the Republic of India, H.E. Manmohan Singh. The moderator was the then French Minister of Foreign Trade, Christine Lagarde (now Chairman of the European Central Bank).
Emmanuel Mongon asked: "India is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its Independence. 60 years has a great significance in India. Do you think that beyond infrastructures and economic development, India could now develop also a quality leisure industry, for the benefits of tourists but foremost for its own population ?"
Prime Minister Singh declared that it is a priority for the country, as this sector represents already a significant part of the GDP of the country, but is also a major indicator of the well-being and happiness of the population.

Emmanuel Mongon was also representing the tourism and leisure industry to other events. For example the Official Delegation of business leaders accompanying the French Prime Minister in Indonesia and Cambodia.

Co-founder, Great European Theme Parks
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GETP is the club of the largest European Theme Parks. It was founded to strengthen the cooperation and image of the largest European theme parks in the context of the arrival of Disneyland in the European market.

Past Chairman, TiLE (Trends in Leisure & Entertainment) conference in Europe and Asia
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From 1992 until 2018, TiLE was a conference highly recognized for its focus on innovations and trends. Emmanuel Mongon was twice its Chairman in Europe and Chairman of Leisure Asia 1996.

Selected speeches & interviews

First National Conference of Visitor Attractions | United Kingdom
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In 2004, Emmanuel Mongon was the only non-British guest speaker to be invited to the first UK National Conference of Visitor Attractions to deliver his "vision for the leisure industry". The audience gathered for the first time the leading 600 leaders of the British leisure industry, from the Tate Gallery to Stonehenge, from the London Wheel to Alton Towers.

Foundation Lebendige Stadt (Lively City) | Germany
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In 2006, Emmanuel Mongon was invited in Germany to present, together with the Mayor of Bern (Switzerland), his contribution for the City of Bern to an audience of 150 city mayors and developers. The organizer, the Foundation "Lebendige Stadt" (lively city) created by the largest shopping mall german developer, wanted to demonstrate the added value of a leisure-oriented strategy for a city.

First conference on sustainable tourism development | Vietnam
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Very early after Vietnam reopened for tourism, Emmanuel Mongon was invited by a Singaporean Foundation as a speaker of the first conference on sustainable tourism.

"Mister Theme Parks" (Le Figaro, leading French newspaper) | France
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In 2006, the French leading newspaper Le Figaro wrote: "He is Mister Theme Park in France. Emmanuel Mongon manages Imaginvest, a consulting firm advising investors in the leisure industry in Europe and Asia."

The Happy City | Canada
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To prepare for his book "The Happy City", the journalist Charles Montgomery wrote in 2008 an article for Air Canada's En Route Magazine and interviewed Emmanuel Mongon. Extract:

"(...) Mongon had found that the key to creating successful amusement parks was not the rate at which rides could spin visitors in circles; it was the way they created moments for people to share together.
“It’s the same with cities”, Mongon declares. “People – that’s the magic of the city!"

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